Vibromuscular Harmonization Technique (VHT)

VHT was developed in 1997 by Jock Ruddock after reading and researching into the writings of Dr Kevin Ryan, the last person trained by Tom Bowen, who had worked in his clinic until Bowen's death in 1982.

Dr Ryan maintained that even up to the day before he was taken to hospital for the last time, Tom was amending adjusting and developing his work in a direction which bared no resemblance to the system he was using in the mid 1970's when Bowen taught Ossie Rentsch. (Note: Virtually all practitioners of Bowen technique are in fact practising Ossie Rentsch?s interpretation of Tom Bowen?s work whether or nor they were taught directly by him). Though some practitioners have described VHT as "advanced Bowen technique", its developer, Jock Ruddock prefers it to be regarded as a separate modality, though it does still retain the basic unique style of the 'Bowen move' at its core. 

VHT does of course work extremely well in conjunction with the Bowen Technique in that individual VHT moves may be used at any point during a Bowen session. Alternatively a whole Bowen procedure may be substituted for a VHT procedure to achieve a more comprehensive and profound effect when addressing an area of concern. A third possibility is to perform an entire session using VHT moves alone.